Client Arena

Become a Member of our Exclusive Client Arena. You will have Private Access to many of our Trading Service Offerings as outlined below:

4 hour Trading Analysis

Here you will gain a complete understanding of the Key Points moving the Markets across Globe.

12 hour Trading Analysis

This section is dedicated to special identification of the Short, Medium and Long Term Trending Markets.

24 hour Trading Analysis

Here you will have widespread and insightful ideas about our thoughts on Fear & Greed based Market Plots.

Asset Class Evaluations

This section will give you a wide-ranging and comprehensive knowledge about Asset Allocation, based on our Proprietary Study in multiple Asset Class Evaluations.

Trade Ideas

This section will provide you with Private Access to our Proprietary Trade Indications.

Traders’ Breakout Room

This will give you a very good idea of our 2 Trading Mantras: (1) What to Do When & (2) What Not to Do When.

Trading Videos

Here you will gain access to our complete set of Market Videos, starting from steps to Develop Yourself as a Pro Trader to high level Technical Analysis.

Our Services

This sections will highlight the benefits of all the Professional Trader Developmental Aspects of our Proprietary Trading Firm.

Customer Support

Premium Users get live customer support through the client arena.


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