It is our Endeavour to add Value to your Trading Concepts

We take regular Seminars in different forums.

Our head trader has delivered his Market understanding in many distinctive opportunities, viz.


•   FX Street with IG Markets
•   Australian Technical Analyst Association
•   Melbourne Bitcoin Technology Centre
•   IC Markets


We at N P Financials post regular Webinars on different aspects of Market Behaviour.

Listening to our Webinars will boost your Trading Skills to new levels.

Please take this opportunity to explore our Member’s section for the next set of Monthly Webinars.


For paid Clients, every month we conduct Monthly Sessions.

Attending these Monthly Sessions will give you the following benefits:

•  You will have an Opportunity to meet Professional Traders who are doing Full Time Trading.

•  We discuss all the Monthly setups for our Proprietary

1.   Daily Trading Model
2.   12 hour Trading Model 
3.   4 hour Trading Model

•  We clear all your doubts regarding the following:

1.   Entry possibilities
2.   What to Do When in Trading
3.   Stop Positions for the Trade setups
4.   How to Develop the Skill Sets of What Not to Do When
5.   Placing Price Objectives for your Trade Entries


Our head Trader runs Trader Meet Ups from time to Time.

Please click Register below to participate in our next Meet Up.



GO Markets is an established Australian based and operated company (AFSL 254963).

GO Markets is one of Australia’s original MT4 Forex Brokers, offering the powerful MT4 trading platform.

With GO Markets MT4 demo, standard and pro MT4 accounts, you get access to a variety of global markets including Forex, Indices, Commodities and Binaries, all from one account. GO Markets provide a low latency environment coupled with their extensive price feeds so that you can execute your trading plans with precision.

N P Financials is having IB relationship with GO Markets.


Disclaimer : N P Financials Pty Ltd may be compensated by brokers due to promotional activities.

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