Professional Trader Development

Professional Trader Development

(Duration 12 months)

Full time professional trader from NPF will be your own personal coach for 12 months. You will be introduced to our Proprietary Trading Edges. It will give you forty-eight, one-on-one coaching sessions. You will be attending six monthly Seminars. You will get Trader’s Foundation 600 pages of content. You will be coached to complete weekly self-assessment tasks which will allow you to move to next step.

COURSE CONTENT (You will learn):



• Disciplined Strategy at its best
• Popular Strategy which is design for time rich Traders
• Strategy capable of capturing Early Market Reversals
• Strategy will generate average 5 Trades per Week
• Setups for 4-hour Long Strategy
• Setups for 4-hour Short Strategy
• Stop position identification for 4-hour Strategy
• Setting up Price Objectives for 4-hour Strategy
• Compare and learn from our sample 4-hour setups
• 4-hour Trading Best Practices
• Identification of high reward Trades with low risk
• Identification of high probability trade setups
• 12-hour Trading Strategy which is very Popular with our Full Time Traders
• Take Advantage of half day Time Frame
• Trade Opportunities to place Trades in Australasian &/or European Session
• A Strategy which can generate 8 to 16 Trade opportunities per Month
• Setups for 12-hour Long Strategy
• Setups for 12-hour Short Strategy
• Stop position identification for 12-hour Strategy
• Setting up Price Objectives for 12-hour Strategy
• Compare and learn from our sample 12-hour setups
• 12-hour Trading Best Practices
• Identification of high reward Trades with low risk
• Identification of high probability trade setups
• Elements of Forex Trading Professional Strategy
• Forex Trading Concepts for 24-hour Strategy
• Correct Understanding of Price Plot Patterns
• Strategy which is Time Tested and Time Proven
• Setups for 24-hour Long Strategy
• Setups for 24-hour Short Strategy
• Setups for 24-hour Hook Strategy
• Stop position identification for 24-hour Strategy
• Setting up Price Objectives for 24-hour Strategy
• Compare and learn from our sample 24-hour setups
• 24-hour Trading Best Practices
• Identification of high probability trade setups
 • Forex Market Structure
 • Market Mechanics and Dynamics
 • Market Mapping
 • Advance Trade Sizing
 • How to identify in advance Market Reversals
 • How to evaluate new price action before it unfolds
 • Our own proprietary Bar by Bar Market Analysis
 • You will come to know What to do & what not to do when
 • Our proprietary Money & Risk Management Strategies
 • Capital and Portfolio Management System
 • Performance Analysis of Bar by Bar Market Analysis
 • Professional Trader Mindset including Major Mistakes to be avoided
• Introduction to Trading Different Markets
• Forex Market Facts, Timings and its Framework
• How to take advantage from major Market Participants
• Currency Nomenclature
• Functions of Base and Term Currencies
• Cross/ Triangulated Currencies, US Dollar Index
• Swaps, Spread, Slippage
• Fundamentals factors moving Markets
• Order Types, Leverage, Margin
• Trade Risk, Trade Reward, Favorable Reward to Risk
• Account Risk, Basic Position Sizing
• Introduction to Technical Trading


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